About Infinity Ltd.

What’s Infinity Ltd., anyway?

Infinity Ltd. is a one man non-profit software and art site, owned solely by Dale Critchley and supported by my wife, Teresa, and my kids. Thus far, I haven’t begun programming as I can’t find the time (family and church come first). Besides, skins and schemes are easy in comparison.

Why Infinity Ltd.?

The paradoxical name comes from a Biblical motif often called, “The now and the not yet.” It refers to the fact that God’s purpose has been accomplished for His people, yet there’s still more to do. We have been cleansed of our sin through Jesus’ death on the cross, yet we still sin. We are free from the punishment for sin, yet we still feel its effects. We have been made immortal, yet we still die. Jesus is present with His people, yet we can’t perceive Him with our senses. While this may seem like a contradiction at first glance, it’s actually the way God has chosen to bless His people. He gives us everything, then He gives us more. When He created the world, it was perfect. No sin, therefore no death. The new creation when Jesus comes back will be better than the Garden of Eden. Come, Lord Jesus.

The purpose of Infinity Ltd. is to bring the message of salvation to those who haven’t heard it. Heaven is a free gift given to all. If you don’t reject it, it’s yours, because Jesus earned it for you.

This software is all done on a Mac because it has a superior OS. Many of the things I do on my Mac are just impossible on WinDOS, like disk cataloging and resource editing. Bill “The Anti-” Gates: I know the Mac OS. The Mac OS is a friend of mine, and WinDOS, sir, is no Mac OS!

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