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The Legend of Plum The Plaid

The Legend of Plum the Plaid

Plum was an archmage who specialized in magical research and artifact creation. In order to gather materials, he fashioned a number of automatons and hired a number of servants, whom he equipped for their work. In his mad schemes, he also formulated a number of spells to empower his creations and servants. He is best remembered for his robes: a mad squarish pattern of red, green, yellow, and cyan, which also covers his spell book and is the material upon which he wrote his scrolls. Continue reading The Legend of Plum The Plaid

Concerned about Fantasy Role-Playing Games?

The Honest truth about Dungeons and Dragons

Much ink and way too much sweat has been shed over the question of negative influences of fantasy role-playing games (FRPGs) like Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D). Much of this is due to miscommunication, distributed half-truths, and exceptions perceived as rules. Continue reading Concerned about Fantasy Role-Playing Games?