Kaleidoscope Schemes

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Original Schemes

These are all Schemes I’m playing around with and hope to eventually release.

When completed, they generally have complete icon sets, Outlook Express Sound Sets, Chronos Organizer textures, and the works. Some will also include Holiday Lights bulbs and/or Internet Explorer 5 skins. Watch this page for add-ons.

You can also find many of our schemes at the Kaleidoscope Scheme Archive.

Special thanks to Richard Bensam for Regia, which serves as a wonderful template, and thanks to Ethan Padgett of Chemicons, without whom I’d never have owned Kaleidoscope at all.

Veggietales Preview


VeggieScheme: A tribute to the hugely entertaining VeggieTales® video series. VeggieScheme is complete. The official word from Big Idea Productions is that the scheme will have to wait for public release, but if you’re interested in a preview version, we can arrange that.

Wyrmworks Window


Wyrmworks: A scheme commissioned by Wyrmworks. If you like dragons….

Version 2.0 Complete & ready for downloading. 2.0 fixes all bugs, adds a completely reworked icon set.

EMR Windows


Excalibur: Morgana’s Revenge: Based on the Marathon game by the MMMG.

LCMS Window


LCMS: Based on the official logo of The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. (Used with permission)

Now available! Note: I found out too late that the 32-bit icons look wrong. Open the scheme with ResEdit and delete the entire “icns” resource, and you’ll be all set.

1.1 will fix this bug and finally include a soundset or 2 as well as a StickyBrain Texture.

Old Glory Window


Old Glory: Dedicated to all affected by the September 11 attack and those who fight for our freedom.

I will include add-ons here instead of including them with the scheme. I may include some patches here, too. Stay tuned.

Roy G. Biv Window Preview


Roy G. Biv: This is an experiment in rainbow colors and gradients. It looks better in full color, but choosy webmasters choose GIF.

Gif JediReturn


Holosite Partnership

JediReturn is an update of Holosite’s Jedi Scheme. It will include full K2 features, including a complete OS 8.5+ icon set, Folder Icon Maker set, and really cool WindowShade sounds. Tune in here for expansion packs as well.

100% Pure Jawa Window design

Machrome: This scheme has been postponed and currently exists as a Zlauncher Skin and Contacts 5 skins for Palm OS.

Note that I’m now running OS 9.1, so I can finally make & check my icns resources (32-bit icons)!


Here are custom 8-bit icons for your Mac. Click here to download Volume 1. Below are some samples:

Badger Folder (Mike Baron's)Empire Disk (Star Wars)Infinity Ltd. FolderMIDI Folder (cassette tape)Orc DiskRebel Alliance FolderStationery FolderShadowrun FolderSuperman FolderTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles FolderOpen Tomb Folder (Easter Resurrection)Wakko Warner Icon (Animaniacs)