PhoneBase for the Macintosh

PhoneBase for the Apple Macintosh

Since PCS has completely abandoned the Mac, I’ve decided to step in on the behalf of Mac users everywhere. Here’s my story:

I convinced our church to give up the WinDOS machine that was giving us nothing but trouble and replace it with an awesome Mac network. Problem: we have this PhoneTree and the accompanying software! Emulators and DOS cards are iffy at best, so we needed an alternative. I noticed in the manual that there was a Mac version of the software! Problem solved, right? Wrong! Not only did they not have it available, they didn’t even have an old copy sitting around the office!

I did FTP searches, etc. and came up with absolutely nothing. I put feelers out on several e-mail lists. No response. I despaired and started looking for DOS cards. Ug! Then, I get this note:

>We use PhoneBase on an SE and I believe it has System 7.5 or 6. Works
>fine. Too bad the company trashed it. Want a copy?
>Ron Donhardt
>@ North Wake Baptist Church

Ron sent me a copy, and now we’re in the process of getting it going. The import won’t work on my Quadra 800 with 7.6.1, but there are alternatives. Here’s what you need:

1. An old Mac that will run System 7 or earlier. PCS only supports it through System 6.x, I believe, and don’t count on them to support this copy. SE’s and other old Macs can be found extremely cheap, often free. A 512K is ideal.

2. A connection cord. Note the shape of the 9-pin serial cord (DB-9). These should be available from Mac parts places. Just describe it to them (DB-9 Male to DIN-8 Male). It should plug into your DIN-8 modem port. It is a straight through connection. 512K’s are DB-9 on both ends.

3. A PhoneTree box (duh!)

Another option is using a previous system on an emulator. Check out for old Mac emulators.

Questions? Leave a comment. Please don’t contact PCS, as they’ll probably make me get rid of this software so people stop bugging them.

Download PhoneBase for the Macintosh