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Marathon Starship Factory

Here at Infinity Ltd., we use the latest in outdated starship manufacturing equipment. You just wish you could use stuff as old as ours that still works! Our starships have been manufactured with Chester and Nicodemus, a pair of 68K Macintoshes.

If one of these ideas sounds good to you (& is not yet complete, let me know so I can speed production for you.


Marathon 2 Maps

Most of the maps I make will attempt to be M2 compatible. Love that Durandal. Until I bought the trilogy, I was stuck with M2 & got frustrated with the lack of M2 maps on the web. Anyway, some will be for Marathon Infinity, but only when necessary.

  • Pfhounders Way is my first map, based on the apartment I lived in at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO. It was nice, but the pfhor infestation was a bit annoying.
  • Pfhlood Waters was almost done when my Hard Drive crashed on Nicodemus, and since I didn’t back up, I’ll have to start from scratch. It involves intrigue, carnage, and a surprise ending. Oh, I hope you can tread water!!!!!
  • May the Pfhors be with you! is a story of freeing the persecuted. Remember who your friends are….
  • Pfhormaldehyde is one for people who like lots of carnage. Nothing else. No extras like plot, etc. I got the idea from playing DOOM.
  • Mall Rats purges the Mall of America of nasties.

Other plans include:

  • A complicated maze based on the labyrinth of the minotaur
  • Rescue kids from a school (based on the schools I’ve attended) Okay, this one is real tentative. Given the new “bomb the school” craze, I’m reluctant to release this one since some psycho will think it’s fun to kill the kids the way we all like blasting away @ the B.O.B.s. What do you think?
  • A series based on the buildings of the University of Wisconsin: Madison.

Marathon Infinity Maps

Coming Soon?

  • Super Marathon Bros is based on the Super Mario Bros games from Nintendo. Maybe a tribute to the Donkey Kong series which began the whole thing. Note that it won’t include Super Mario 2, which had nothing to do with the other ones in the series.

  • No Long Underwear! Involves rescuing various superheroes from certain death.

  • Pfhac Man is based on the classic Pac Man game.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Pfhor is based on Eastman & Laird’s popular comic, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (Not based on the TV show&emdash;no “cowabungas” or pizza here!)

  • Danté’s Inpfherno is based on the hotter portion of the Divine Comedy.

  • I, Strahd places you at the mercy of Strahd Von Zarovich of Ravenloft fame and his undead minions. (For fans of Vampires, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, and necromancy.)

Pfhor Hunter


Marathon Physics Models, Patches, etc.

Future Plans:

  • Bunny Patch replaces the enemy with Intel Bunnymen. Expect a few M$ cameos, too. Toast ’em with style!
  • Death Star gives you stormtroopers and Darth Vader himself to blast at. Possible other Star Wars cameos.
  • Barney Patch: Ever glad you have a Mac so you don’t have to get your kids that annoying purple Actimates doll? You’ve heard about its Y2K issue, right?
  • Kevorkian Patch: Think of it as “Assisting Physician suicide” at its finest! Send Dr. Death to collect from his clients, and let him go with dignity. Note that, however much he deserves it, no one should shoot the real Jack Kevorkian.

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