Palm OS Skins

Palm Skins

ZLauncher Skins (Low Res Only)

Michrome Screen Shot

Michrome Active TabMichrome, a Ruby & Chrome skin. Background Pic included

v. 1.1 available: ZL 3.x compatibility!

Old Glory, a skin celebrating the greatest nation in the world.

ZLauncher Background Pictures (160×160)

I did it! Finally! ZZTechs wrote me and gave me this tutorial, so now I have the pics available! These are ready to install on any 160×160 lo-res Palm device. Links with no images have no images because I forgot to copy them before installing. I’ll try to get around to it, otherwise I’ll post screen shots once I find a good screen shot app/DA.

Darth Maul of Borg

Harry Potter's Gryffindor Emblem

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Martin Luther's Seal

WinDOS TIE Fighter

Michrome BackImage

silver dragon.bmp.pdb: (Hint: This one will go well with Michrome, but it won’t be included due to ¬©opyright restrictions.




ZLauncher Back Images for Tungsten|T3 (450×450)

These jpegs are designed to look good on a T|T3 regardless of screen orientation, slider in or out. They should work well for Tapwave Zodiac and other models that support 320×480 portrait and landscape mode.

  The Beast (AKA Hank McCoy)
T3 Superheroes: Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Storm, and the Teen Titans, all in 450×450 splendor!
T3 Backimages Collection: If you have a T3, you might as well have T3 backimages! 450×450

More Christian (LCMS)back images available here

C5 CreditsContacts 5 Skins


  • Hi Res
  • Low Res


  • Hi Res
  • Low Res


  • Low Res
  • Hi Res

For the Wyrmworks RPG designers

Old Glory

  • Low Res
  • Hi Res

Mac OS X


  • Hi Res
  • Low Res

Contacts 4 Skins

Note: These skins are provided as samples only. If you are using Contacts 4, you really should upgrade (Free) to Contacts 5.

Michrome, a Ruby & Chrome skin to match the ZLauncher skin

A Dragon in my Palm!

Wyrmworks: A Dragon skin

Icon Manager Icons

Compatible with DateBk5, HandyShopper, Agendus, and PDA Performance apps made after February, 2004.

OS X iCons: A collection of Hi Res icons based on my OS X Applications Folder content ILtd Low Res Icons 1.1: A collection of icons I made before I upgraded to a Tungsten|T3.


Kinoma Movies

(Temporarily unavailable¬óI forgot to back these up before switching servers. Oops!) The original 1984 Macintosh commercial Nightmare After Just got new software for the kids, but config.sys? A Macintosh commercial. think The award-winning “Think Different” Macintosh commercial. “Here’s to the crazy ones….”