Paradigm Shift

Intel Is Slow. Paradigm Shift Intel Is Slow.

(or, “Think Different“)

Made with Macintosh!

by Dale Critchley

The rules have changed
And all the things I thought I knew so long
Have turned out they’re not what they’re supposed to be
With Win95
I’ve learned that Cookie Monster was all wrong
Now that “Hard Disk, Hard Disk, Hard Disk starts with ‘C:’.”

Now some have said
It doesn’t really matter what it’s called
“Intuitive” is something you can lack
But the best OS
By media has totally been mauled
Yet, for ease of use, you’ll never beat a Mac

So if you would
Prefer to deal with .exe’s, .doc’s, and .bat’s
And you pride yourself on troubleshooting tips
Go on and spend
Your afternoon fixing drivers, cards, and flats
While I cruise with OS 8 and G3 chips!

© 1999 Dale Critchley