POGO meets Godzilla II

Chronos Using POGO 4 with OS 8.6 Chronos

Aqua Events look cool in POGO, but which OS you’re using you may affect whether you choose to use them or not. Quite simply, they don’t look nearly as good in 8.6, better in 9.x, and even better in X. Note the comparison:

Aqua Events in OS 8.6

Aqua Events in OS 9.1

Aqua Events in OS X

Palm Sync works with POGO 4 under OS 8.6, but you need the older conduit from POGO 3. It’ll sync as well as POGO 3, so you’re just missing out on the new features in the POGO 4 conduit: improved speed and better compatibility with To Do status.


Of course, yours won’t look nearly so cool if you don’t have my Kaleidoscope Schemes.