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StickyBrain is an incredibly useful app from Chronos L.C. Think of it as a cross between Stickies, the Scrapbook, and the Notepad with a whole ton of extra features like hotkeys, alarms, and contact management. Oh, and it serves as a basic word processor, too. N.B. These notes are for StickyBrain 1.x, but most should apply to later versions.


Note that screenshots use Kaleidoscope schemes available free from our Scheme page. (Kaleidoscope not included.)


Snoozing Keyboard shortcut: When entering a snooze delay, you can type “m”, “h”, or “d” after the number to switch between minutes, hours, and days. No mouse required.

Hotkey tips & tricks:

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Sticky Palette Tips:Stickies Palette

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Text Palette Tips:Text Palette

Tab stops in Sticky Windows
How do I change the tab stops in a Sticky window? I know I can change them in the Ruler-style window, but I want my window to be a Sticky window.
A: You answered your own question. Change the window to a Ruler window, adjust the tab stops or whatever other formatting you want (indent, etc.) and switch it back to “Sticky.” Your changes will be reflected. Just ignore the margins in the Ruler window, since Sticky windows have no margins.

Control Palette Tips:Control Palette

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I’ll also soon have texture packs available for StickyBrain. Check back often or subscribe to our mailing list. We won’t give, sell, or distribute your personal info to anyone, even if they do have a big guy named Guido banging on our door!

Who is this woman?

SB Corpse IconThe original version of StickyBrain had a bald, blue woman with gears in her head as the icon. While it was a nice color of blue, it was a bit eerie, like a Sinead O’Connor corpse with cerebral implants.

So Chronos changed their icon to this image of a strawberry-blond lady with glasses who bears a striking resemblance to Jamie Lee Curtis. More than just the SB icon, though, she also appears in the button bar icons of Organizer 4, so it appears that she is something of a mascot for Chronos, like Sonic the Hedgehog or Clarus the dogcow.

Chronos has chosen to keep her identity a secret, so we are free to speculate about her identity! Here are my guesses. ]]>, and I’ll add them to the list! (This is all in fun, so Chronos guys, no offense, okay? You asked for it!)

  1. One of the employees. So far, I’ve never had contact with a female employee, so I wouldn’t bet on this one, unless “Dan” is short for “Danielle”.
  2. One of the employees’ wives. We know that at least one of the engineers (Rob) is married, supporting this theory.
  3. She’s a digital Frankenstein. They took images of all their dream girls and amalgamated them into the ultimate dream girl, kind of like Betty Crocker. If you use the Chronos spell-check on the word “Chronos,” (which, interestingly, isn’t in the dictionary by default), one of the suggestions is “hormone,” which would support this theory. The fact that the first SB icon looked like a corpse would also lend to the Frankenstein idea, not to mention the Jamie Lee Curtis similarity.
  4. ]]> (If you submit an idea, let me know if you want your name/e-mail address posted with it.)

Note: She’s not the icon in SB 2. What happened? Girlfriend left? Divorce? Unknown employee left? Jamie Lee Curtis sued Chronos? The ACLU sued for discrimination against digital organisms?


All standard lawyer mumbo jumbo applies. Infinity Ltd. is not affiliated with Chronos, Apple, or pretty much anyone else. Use these tips or downloads at your own peril. If they crash your Mac or cause your girlfriend to leave you or cause your kidneys to be sold on the black market, we take no responsibility. Also not responsible for eyestrain from reading fine print at the bottom of web pages.