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Mail apps and Mac OS X

So it’s been awhile since I used Apple’s Mail app in Mac OS X. I just use Gmail‘s web interface on the desktop, Outlook on iPad, and Inbox & iOS‘s Mail in iPhone. Since I don’t use folders as much anymore to sort mail and just depend on search to find old messages, and I’d really like a dedicated email app, I was hoping to go back to Mail.

Exquisite-gmail blue
Exquisite-gmail blue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But sadly, I’ve grown too accustomed to Gmail’s Primary Inbox that automatically moves all my bacn and social network mail to other tabs so I can focus on the most important messages. Outlook for Mac OS seems to be improving in that direction with their “clutter” feature, but it’s none too smart in this regard out of the box, and I don’t have time to tutor it. And El Capitan doesn’t show any signs of adding this functionality.

My favorite Mail app of all time remains Outlook Express for the classic Mac OS.

So Mac Gmail users, have you found a desktop app that you like?