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 Wyrmworks creates original role-playing Games (RPGs) as well as supplements to existing games.

If you have concerns about the negative or satanic influences attributed to gaming, please read an assessment of the arguments and offer us your comments.

Who am I?

The Early Years

 Disciple: The Early Years is an RPG based on the early Christian Church, circa 40-66 A.D. The idea is to learn more about the Bible by simulating the world in which it was written. Be there when the Galatians receive St. Paul’s letter! Flee from Roman centurions! Testify before the Sanhedrin! Get eaten by lions!

Disciple: The Early Years has been put on hiatus, but interest could bring it back into production. Comment below.


Crusader is a fantasy game we designed a few years ago, playtested, and lost because the StuffIt file got corrupted! Always back-up, boys & girls! Anyway, we have hard copies of the whole thing, but they need to be scanned, OCRed, formatted, etc. When we get it ALL DONE, we’ll post it here. More interest will speed up the process.

Eternal Warrior:

The Dance

 We got the idea for this game from the video game “Time Killers”. People from all ages from Adam to the far future have been transported to an arena for combat. This game is pure combat and has nothing resembling a plot. Still, if you like games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and the favorite around here, Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side (which has a similar “plot”), you’ll like this game.

EW:tD is now available. This is a free download of a complete role-playing game! Download and enjoy!

Download Download  Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

Magic Items & Spells by Plum the Plaid™

Coming soon:

New Critters

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Neo-Anarchist’s Guide to Wisconsin: Includes geographic info, new spells, new tech, new totems (mainly historically based), new corps, etc. Check out the Jedi totem!
Available in HTML or PDF format. (The PDF looks much better!

Coming Eventually:

Paterson’s Addendum: All new critters to surprise your players.

Adventures: GMs Only!

Marvel Super Heroes

New characters coming eventually!

Champions (Hero System)

Conversions of Marvel and DC characters coming eventually, plus some independents.

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