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Outlook Express/Entourage Sound Sets

Some of these are hosted at Sound Set Central, but they’ve been a bit slow to update their site, so here are our sound sets. They can be used with OE 5 or Entourage.

  • X-Men Movie: Sounds from the first X-men movie
  • Harry Potter: Sounds from the first 2 Harry Potter movies
  • VeggieTales: This one was made for the VeggieTales K-Scheme but is also available separately.
  • Wyrmworks: This one was made for the Wyrmworks K-Scheme but is also available separately.

Here’s some art I’ve done, mainly just playing around with ClarisWorks and more recently, Photoshop 4.0 LE, and even more recently, Photoshop 4:

Nightcrawler with an iPod: In the style of the Apple iPod commercials

PowerBook 1400 Book Cover: I was recently given a PowerBook 1400cs, and so I made a book cover for it. It is a tiff image, so you can’t preview it, but it incorporates the Infinity Ltd. logo and the WinTIE graphic on a black background.

The Weasel of Death: 100% ClarisWorks 2.0, circa 1995, made on a Performa 410 (LC II: 16 MHz 68030), same as the Jawa & Outhouse Explode graphics below.

100% Pure Jawa: A logo for those scavengers who do their webmastering on Tattooine. Based on Sun Microsystems’ Logo. Made 100% in ClarisWorks 4.

Outhouse Explode: Again, ClarisWorks 4. This one is featured on the MacAddict Website.

Darth Maul of Borg: Made this one for Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

Bill Gates’ Personal TIE Fighter (Wouldn’t want to get stuck in THAT one! Crash City!)

Sith Willie and Emperor Alpatine: The effects of big government. Warning! This one’s political!

Teletubbies: Okay, this one’s for my kids. That’s them in the corner.

Consultant Textures: If you use Chronos Organizer™, here are some extra textures for it, including Mac-centric textures and even Yoda.

R2-iMac: An Intech droid with a G3 processor can take out an Intel anything! This didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped, but here it is anyway.

New Intel Logo: It’s small, and if anyone has a larger version of the original. send me a copy so I can do a larger version!

Welcome Movie: Made this one on the 840av. It’s a simple movie, around 300K with a basic emboss filter.

My Dad: Dear Abby, I’m concerned about my dad. Ever since he started using that wintel, he’s just not the same…. (I love you, Dad.)

Aqua for Consultant: Another texture for Chronos Organizer™. This one was designed with Mac OS X’s Aqua interface in mind. Download & drop the whole folder into your Textures folder (in the Themes folder)

Acrobat Reader Splash: Here’s a replacement splash screen for Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.x with a little Mystique to it, especially for X-men fans. (Preview) Featured at ResExcellence.

Internet Explorer 5 Splash: Yeah, I’ve sold out. So what? Netscape lost the browser war. Here’s a replacement for that ugly Win”D’oh!”s-esque splash screen in IE5. (Preview) Featured at ResExcellence.

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