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A collection of tips & answers to frequently asked questions regarding Chronos’ Group Organizer & Personal Organizer.

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Chronos Organizer and TechTool Pro 2

The Fix

Because of the way Chronos’ Personal Organizer & Group Organizer (POGO) back up files, there’s a minor problem with Micromat’s TechTool® Pro 2 “Trash Cache” feature. If you use them both, you’ll want to make sure that your Trash Cache settings in the TechTool® Protection control panel are set as follows:

N.B. The same should hold true for TechTool® Pro 3+, but I haven’t tried it.

POGO 4 Update: Notice the new settings.


If you can't see this, it's kinda pointless, huh?

Long Distance Dialing

> I, too, like the feature that Consultant can dial for me and record
> the info. re the call. But sometimes, it thinks the number is long
> distance and adds a 1, if the exchange (1st 3 numbers) are different
> from the ones it knows. How do I let it know that certain exchanges
> don’t need a 1?

This is probably more of a weakness of our phone system than POGO, but here is the fix for dialing:

1. In Dialing options, remove the local area code under “Location Settings”.

2. For local numbers, don’t include the area code in the entry.

It does the job for me, but it has some weaknesses if you’re traveling around the world with it.

Enable Images or you just won't get it....

Known bugs in POGO 4

  1. If you have a 601 processor (X1XX), forget about changing the button bar except the size. Moving icons in, out, or around the bar will result in a crash, usually a Type 2 error.

Converting contacts to memos

Since I keep confidential info on members in GO, I need to make the contact notes private but the addresses, etc. public (or I will if I ever get a network set up here). How to do that? Copy notes into memos. Well, it’d take a long time to set up memos for all our members, which is what I did last time, so how to create memos with the names of the members as titles of the memos?

  1. Export Contacts as Comma-delimited. Only include Last Name & First Name in the fields to export.
  2. Open the file with BBEdit and find r and replace with rUser NametCategoryt (Then paste the extra into the first record.)
  3. Import memo as tab delimited as shown in the picture.

It’s that simple. I can’t believe I did it by hand last time. You can use the criteria to choose certain categories, etc. Make sure the labels & first record stuff is all turned off.

General Palm Tips

Do you have a big delay in the “Verifying Handheld Configuration” when you sync? Here’s a step-by-step what to do.

  1. Make sure your Palm is in good shape, not low on battery or anything, and make sure you’re running the latest Palm Sync software.
  2. Open to your Palm folder:Users:<User Name>:Backups.
  3. Empty the backups folder by selecting all & dragging to the trash.
  4. Hotsync.
  5. Preventative maintenance: if you sync on more than one Mac, set the Backup conduit on one of them to “Do Nothing,” preferably the one you hotsync with the least.

POGO & Palm Sync Tips

Alarm Tip: When you sync the datebook, alarm changes do not register as changes to be sync’ed. This is both good & bad. The bad side is that, if you want to change the alarm on both, it’s a pain. The good news, however, outweighs that. Do you really need your Palm and POGO giving you the same alarm at the same time? What are the advantages? Consider some suggestions:

  1. I have certain meetings for which I need to prepare reports. POGO reminds me of them several hours before the meeting so I remember to write the report. My Palm reminds me of the same meeting a few minutes before the meeting to remind me that it’s time to go.
  2. I don’t need my Mac to remind me that Monday nights on Leno is Headlines, but my Palm reminds me that 10:30 (CST) is time to turn on the TV.
  3. This morning, I was at a doctor appointment with my pregnant wife. While I was there, my Palm reminded me that, sometime today, I need to get some info to my secretary. I don’t need to know that while I’m @ the doctor’s, but I want the reminder in my face as soon as I get back to the office. I’m sure you can think of “a million household uses.”

 Warning: when you change the alarm, don’t change anything else in that event at the same time. The alarm time will probably sync, too. Note also that, if your Palm needs to be hard reset, you’ll lose the Palm-only alarms.

Public Alarms: In GO 4, public accounts don’t have alarms…or do they? Actually, they do, but only for Palm users. You can set an alarm for a public account’s event on your Palm. It’ll alert you on the Palm, but not in GO.

POGO Downloads

Activities Export Template: If you’d like to export some activities based on criteria, not just category, you can use this template. Just create your list in List view and fire up the Template Wizard.

Aqua Theme Texture: If you’re using OS X or an Aqua K-Scheme . (N.B. Aqua is built into POGO 4+ and is, in fact, the default, so if you’re running version 4+, you don’t need this.)

Misc. Texture pack: Yoda, Mac textures, and more.

Platinum Texture: If you’re a “plain vanilla” type who likes the appearance we all thought was so cool back in 1995.

Note that most of Infinity Ltd.’s Kaleidoscope Schemes include a texture set for POGO.

Of course, yours won’t look nearly so cool if you don’t have my Kaleidoscope Schemes.